If you are sitting at the ocean beach at night, and staring at the Moon, you are able to envision and discover almost anything: things never sit still under its restless light. If you decide to take a slow walk looking attentively at surfaces of the shore or water, you can find some curious things just by accident.
Here MOCAM is sharing what I recently found on one of such walks. These are notes, pictures, and a recording left from four different people who, by peculiar will of circumstances went to the Moon: some have come back, and some – never returned (?).

I brought these artifacts to MOCAM this morning to share this phenomenon with the museum’s director Julio Orta while enjoying a cup of tea.

-Carefully collected by Ekaterina Balueva,

night of January 31, 2018. Belong to: Reid Bogert, Christa Donner , Angela Lopez, Matt Martin. 









What do you see
In the sand, in the shades,
In the sea
In the shimmering blades
Of the Moon?