Plausible Artworlds is a project to collect and share knowledge about alternative models of creative practice. From alternative economies and open source culture to secessions and other social experiments, Plausible Artworlds is a platform for research and participation with artworlds that present a distinctly different option from mainstream culture. The aim of the project is to bring awareness to the potential of these artworlds as viable “cultural ecosystems” that provide both pedagogical and practical solutions to a range of emergent socio-cultural challenges. We view Plausible Artworlds as an opportunity to discuss the interdisciplinary role of artist as creative problem solver and the expanding notion of what an artworld looks and feels like.

One of the “exhibits” in Plausible Artworlds that best corresponds to the questions posed by Mystic Hyperstitians in the Heart of Empire is Week 23’s Biosphere 2 and Ralo Meyer continues to be very active in extraterrestrial art-related practice.


Plausible Artworlds was created by Aharon Amir, Liz Arnold, Michael Bauer, Henken Bean, Salem Collo-Julin, Tom DiNardo, Jaime Iglehart, Scott Rigby, Greg Scranton, Jonathan Simpson, Matthew Slaats,
Adam Trowbridge, Jessica Westbrook, Stephen Wright and others. 


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