The Rational Dress Society presents: A Brief History of Spacesuits

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Over the past year, the member of the Rational Dress Society (makers of JUMPSUIT, the ungendered monogarment for everyday wear) have undertaken a research project, tracing an alternative to the mainstream history of fashion. We propose a history of counter-fashion, defined as the practice of dressing as an expression of sartorial solidarity. This informational pamphlet, A Brief History of Spacesuits, is one entry into a larger history of revolutionary and utopian dress. By examining the relationship between the jumpsuit, the spacesuit, and space age fashion design of the 1960s and 1970s, we, the members of the Rational Dress Society, explore the ways that garment design can act beyond the realm of individual expression and personal taste, forming bonds between wearers and modeling new social relations. 


The Rational Dress Society is a counter-fashion collective founded by Maura Brewer and Abigail Glaum-Lathbury. Together, they make JUMPSUIT, the ungendered monogarment for everyday wear. The Rational Dress Society stages performances, workshops and lectures imploring individuals to throw away all of their clothes. Their work has been featured in the Guardian, Surface Magazine, and they have staged performances at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Machine Project in Los Angeles, and Flux Factory in New York. What if you never had to pick out an outfit again?






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