Iyapo Repository Manuscripts Division

25 manuscripts, aluminum, acrylic, wood





Founded by Ayodamola Tanimowo Okunseinde and Salome Asega, Iyapo Repository is a resource library that houses a collection of digital and physical artifacts created to affirm and project the future of the African diaspora. The collection is managed and developed through a series of participatory workshops where participants become archivists of a future history they envision. These archivists work tirelessly to recover technological artifacts from our future diaspora. The resource library was built as a means to preserve our digital histories as they move between the present and the future. The library holds the Manuscript Division which houses archival documents of technological artifacts, additionally the library includes Artifacts, Films, and Rare Books sections. Iyapo Repository asks us to reimagine notions of race, identity, and culture through technological artifacts as they travel through time and space.


For this show, the Museum of Contemporary Art on the Moon gifted an acre of property to the Iyapo Repository to be a permanent location for the repository on the face of the moon.

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Salome Asega

Salome Asega is a Brooklyn-based artist and researcher whose practice celebrates dissensus and multivocality. Through participatory research, she works collaboratively to build interactive installations and to develop odd wearables. She is the co-host of speculative talk show Hyperopia: 20/30 Vision on bel-air radio and the Assistant Director of POWRPLNT, a digital art collaboratory. Salome has participated in residencies and fellowships at Eyebeam, New Museum, and the Laundromat Project, and she has given presentations at New Inc, Performa, and the Schomburg Center. Salome received her MFA from Parsons at The New School in Design and Technology and her BA from New York University in Social Practice.



Ayodamola Tanimowo Okunseinde

Ayodamola Tanimowo Okunseinde is an artist, interactive designer, and time-traveller living and working in New York. His works range from interactive installations and wearables to explorations of Afrofuturism/Reclamation and speculative design. Okunseinde has participated in residencies at Finland’s Invitation to Helsinki, IDEO’s Fortnight, New Museum, and Eyebeam’s Creative Residency. Okunseinde recently exhibited in the Shanghai Biennial. He received a B.A. in visual arts from Rutgers University and holds an MFA in Design + Technology from Parsons in New York where he is a faculty member.


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